Woof and Hoof Pet Sitting was founded by Angela Flesch in 2015 shortly after moving to the Columbia, TN area. 


Caring for animals has always been part of Angie's life, starting in central Illinois where she grew up on her family farm.  Since then she graduated from Illinois State's Biology program with a degree in Zoology in 2004 and has worked in several zoos and pet kennels over the last 10 yrs.  


In 2007, Angie moved to Nashville with her husband Sean, where she worked at Nashville Zoo caring for animals ranging from goats and camels to primates and giraffes.  While there, she had her first daughter, Addison, in 2008 followed by Savannah, her second, in 2012 and ultimately decided to stay home and care for her family full time. 


Angie and her family share their home with a variety of pets and livestock. Her love for all animals shows in her  enthusiasm and care for other's pets.  Her and her family moved to Columbia, TN in 2014 where they are restoring a farm to function.  Along with caring for her own family and farm animals, and pet sitting, she also enjoys homeschooling her children, helping in childcare at her local church, reading, working out, crafting, and DIY furniture building.