Woof and Hoof Pet Sitting is a Columbia, TN based pet care service offering professional, reliable, and trustworthy pet sitting specializing in dog walking and sitting, cat and small animal sitting and pet care visits for hens, horses, and livestock.  We also understand that young animals and elderly pets require a little extra care and are happy to make special arrangements when needed.     


Our mission is to provide you the very best quality pet care by treating your pets as if they were our own.  We want to make leaving your pet to enjoy your workday or vacation easier and less stressful, safe in the knowledge your pet is happy and comfortable in their own home while you’re away.    


Our standard services are listed below and include an initial consultation and meeting, free of charge, at a time convenient to you.  We can meet you and your pet and will assess your needs and requirements and answer any questions you may have including reviewing paperwork and accessing your property while you’re away.    




Initial Consultation (Free) - Initial meeting and interview with your sitter to ask/answer questions, provide key, and review paperwork.


Standard Services


Midday dog walks ($18) - Standard 25 minute visit between 10am-4pm with a guaranteed two-hour window.  An Extra Pet Fee is applied for each aditional dog.  An Extra 10 Minute Fee is applied to increase the length of visit.  A Dog Wash Fee is applied for bathing of pet.


Pet Sitting tank/small cage animals ($10) - Standard 15 minute visit.  An Extra Pet Fee is applied for each additional tank/cage animal.


Pet Sitting ($20) - Standard 30 minute visit before 10am and/or after 4pm.  An Extra Pet Fee is applied for each additional pet.  An Extra

10 Minute Fee can be applied to increase the length of visit.  A Dog Wash Fee is applied for bathing of pet.


Pet Sitting Livestock ($28) - Standard 60 minute visit. Initial price for 1 animal. Each additional animal (add $3) up to 5 animals. 6+ animals is a flat fee of $50 for  60 minute visit.  An Extra 10 Minute Fee is applied to increase the length of visit.


Overnight Visits ($78) - An employee will stay in your home overnight. Please indicate your preference when making reservation.

Option A: Sitter conducts a 30 minute PM pet sit between 5pm-7pm and returns to the house at 10pm to spend the night.


Option B: Sitter arrives at 8pm to spend the night, walking and feeding upon arrival.


Both options include another walk/potty break before bedtime and a walk and feed in the morning before the sitter leaves for the day.

Optional Add-On Services


Extra Pet Fee ($3) - Applied per visit for each additional pet in the home in which we are providing care.


Extra 10 Minute Fee ($10 per visit) - This option allows you to increase the length of the visit in 10-minute increments.


Dog Wash ($10) - Can be added to pet sitting or midday dog walks.  Pet will be bathed at the end of visit in owners home.


Nail Clip ($8) - Can be added to pet sitting or midday dog walks.


Holiday Surcharge ($15 per visit) - A nonrefundable surcharge that is applied per visit to any midday walk or pet sitting service scheduled during holiday times.


2021 Holidays - Jan. 1,  Maury County Spring Break Week,  May 29-31,  July 3-5,  Sept 4-6,  Nov 11 & 25-28,  Dec 23-24, 31


Misc. Billing Fees


Late Payment Fee ($20) 30 days after invoice has been emailed to client


Returned Check Fee ($25)


Cancellation within 23 hours of first visit will be charged a $25 fine. Failure to inform business of cancellation risks the entire bill being charged.

Special Requirements


We will be happy to discuss with you your pet’s own personal requirements as all animals are individuals and what works for one does not necessarily work for another.  So if any of the services outlined here are not suitable for your pet, we will work with you to provide a tailored service to suit you and your pet’s needs.